A Falling Mural

Nikon D40 - 9/30/2012 - f-8 - 1/500 sec - ISO 280 - Individual photos at 82mm eqv. - 6 exposures

This panorama was taken near Ironwood MI. The colors were very close to peak while I was in the area, which afforded a number of brilliantly colored images. This particular image was one of the more stunning, as most of the other ones were using techniques which i hadn't used before.

This image was stitched using Hugin, and the colors were balanced using GIMP. The color balancing was achieved using layers balanced for specific colors and areas of the photo, which afforded exceptional local contrast as well as having vibrant color. I will be releasing a tutorial on the technique in the near future.

A panorama of a fall hillside with brilliant trees covering it.