Timelapse of Winter Sunset

Over the past several weeks I have finally started using my GoPro for what I wanted it for at first, timelapse video. The GoPro is an interesting camera for this, because it has a fisheye lens and a rugged case and mount.

As a result of the interesting mounts for the GoPro I will likely be doing some rather unusual timelapse sequences, such as driving, which I have started playing with already.

This particular sequence was a winter sunset, and the first that I edited, so the frame timing may be a little off, specifically I could have increased the speed somewhat.

Timelapse, 10 second frame separation with 15 frames per second in the final render. Originally taken at 4K 4:3 aspect with a GoPro Hero 3 black edition.

Krita/myPaint on the mintCast

This past Sunday afternoon I was on the mintCast (episode 211), talking about Krita myPaint and painting emulation software in general. I said that I would be posting a photo and some video to my site relative to that discussion, so here is the sketch that I did as part of my preparation for the podcast.

Krita Doodle

I will be posting the screen recording of making most of this when I get the chance, along with a mostly finished myPaint picture that I was working on for the mintCast.

Joeveo and the Temperfect Mug

Joeveo, a new drinkware company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacture of its first product, the Temperfect Mug. From their Website;

The Temperfect mug brings your freshly-brewed beverage to the perfect drinking temperature within minutes, and, using the energy it stores, it maintains that temperature for hours. It requires no batteries or cords, and it’s infinitely reusable!

Temperfect Mugs add an extra layer of special insulation to a standard double-wall travel mug. The Temperfect insulation absorbs the excess energy from your hot beverage. This means your drink will reach the perfect temperature quickly, and you can start enjoying it right away!

Dean Verhoeven, the originator of the design and Kickstarter campaign, happens to be my Uncle, so over the years of his work I have been afforded the opportunity to see some of the prototypes first-hand. If you are liking the project, they have launched a Facebook page, and a Google + page.