GIT: Initial thoughts

For several projects I am currently working on I am I have begun to learn the Git Version Control System. I thought I would share some of my initial ideas on the system, and give a little overview of VCS software in general.

VCS software such as Git is used primarily for keeping track of software development, allowing development by multiple people while avoiding or resolving many conflicts between work done simultaneously. Though coding is the primary use of such software, it can be used for many other things as well. Some of the other uses include keeping track of personal writing or artwork projects, or working with others on such a project.

The usability of Git is not quite as easy as I would like to see out of such a system initially, but it is superbly functional. As I have begun to use the software more I am becoming more comfortable with it, though I still have much to learn. The features of the software is easily enough to overcome the difficulty of learning initially.

As I use Git more I will try to post more of my thoughts about it, and possibly even a short guide to using it.