Bad Poetry Wednesday

Hi all, I was drafted to manage the G+ page for Bad Poetry Wednesday. In the words of the originator of the event "We are a group of amateur poets looking for a challenge. Suggest a topic (and metre) and we will meet it with a poem ;)". The first ever public Bad Poetry Wednesday is being held tomorrow October 24, 2012, midnight to midnight PST. The official rules are as follows:

Rules and Instructions *please read*


Instructions: pleases leave your suggestion for a poem as a post on our timeline. Suggestions may be made at any time but poems will only be written and submitted on Wednesday.
you may suggest a topic and metre as well as any other challenges that you can think of, (please mark extra challenges as optional), but please remember that our poets are

under a time constrain and may not respond to challenges that will take too much time to complete. You get extra awesome points for creativity ;)

Rules: suggestion topics must be kept appropriate for all ages. Violations will be deleted and may result in blacklisting. Please refrain from commenting on some one else's suggestions before one of our poets has time to answer it, so as to avoid clutter.


Instructions: writers have been pre-approved by our council board. If you are interested in becoming a writer please contact us and we will send you a copy of the 89 page evaluation contract for you to sign (preferably before reading it). If you are already an approved writer, then proceed as follows: once you find a suggestion you like you must "claim" it by commenting an affirmative on the suggestion post. Suggestions may be claimed by multiple writers if the suggestion is too good to pass up or the writers will be collaborating but in general only one writer per suggestion is allowed. Once you claim a suggestion you may begin writing your poem. Poems must be published as a note on your profile and then left as a link, in a comment on the original post.

Rules: poems must be written on Wednesday, or else the entire point of this crazy idea is moot. No single haiku are allowed unless specifically asked for in the suggestion. In any other case where you want to respond with a haiku you must do so in groups of three (stop taking the path of least resistance).

Other: constructive criticism is always appreciated. Please remember the cruel and unusual constraints placed upon our writers and judge accordingly.

Have fun :)

These rules are from the Facebook page, we also offer a Google+ page. If you don't have either of those, you can email me (sonic4spuds at and I will forward the suggestion or poem to both pages (I can also take care of approving you as writers through email).

I hope some of you are able to participate this time through, or in future iterations of the event. Also note that the rules may change with future events(depending on how many participants there are).