Blog 1, Along Alki Beach


A couple of weeks ago I took a trip out to Seattle, where I was able to walk along Alki Beach.  Alki Beach overlooks the city of Seattle and is a popular location for travelers and locals, as well as photographers who want to capture the beautiful beach, bright Seattle skyscrapers, and glistening Puget Sound.


Alki Beach

With the beach facing west, I was able to take many pictures of the sunset.  The bright sand on the beach made it easier to take pictures against the bright sun and water reflection.  Most of my these were taken in HDR (two or more images compiled into one), which helped capture both the sky and beach.  The sunset sometimes caused my camera to make the sky a little too dark, but by setting the exposure higher I was able to achieve the desired brightness.



I had the opportunity to photograph the city of Seattle during the daytime and also at night.  Even though the clouds blocked out most of the sunlight during the day, I was able to take decent pictures of the city .  At night, the city lights turned on and created an amazing reflection in the water.  Using a tripod, I was able to keep my camera steady enough for the slow shutter speeds.  I was also able to record the light transition between evening and night (see video).