Canon T4i - 5/23/2015 - f-5.6 - 1/250 - ISO 250 - 135mm eqv.

I took this image because the colors caught my eye. It was a sunny afternoon and the back lighting that it was providing was really making the colors pop. As far as editing goes this one was fairly simple, with slight sharpening, and color balance tweaks.

Old Grain

Canon T4i - 5-16-2015 - F-5 - 1/400 sec. - ISO 100 - 50mm eqv.

This image is a edited version of an image taken in a partially drained reservoir. I spent a fair bit of time tweaking the image to bring out the wood grain, and give the image more of a sense of place.

A tree stump weathered by exposure to water and air.

Passing Time

Finally, a finished timelapse video! I have been working towards this for the last year, as I learn how to set up cameras for the best results, forget to charge the batteries before a shot and various other things. This compilation is all shots from this spring, mostly from the last month.

I was really pleased to see the results of all the work I put into this project, and have been looking forward to setting up more shots in the near future.

The music side of this project is provided by Josh Woodward, a musician who licenses music under the Creative Commons licenses, which allow free use of pieces of art with various small requirements. The particular song is one that I picked because of it's airy open feel, and the way the timing worked well with the clips I had available. The particular song is an insturmental version of "Of Dark Rooms and Crooked Candles".

Watershed Moment

Nikon D40 - 1/26/2014 - f-4.5 - 1/250 - ISO 200 - 65mm(lens)

This is along the Superior Hiking Trail off of Skyline Parkway west of Spirit Mountain. It isn't a super easy trail, but not a hard trail either, and it affords wonderful views of the St. Lewis River, and the Duluth Superior area. This particular day it was warm, and some of the fall colors were left, though most of the leaves had fallen. This was in a small Creek that ran under the trail, with some leaves that had freshly fallen.

Fall leaves with water.