New Site Icon

I Finished the first draft of the new site icon, in place now. It was designed totally in Inkscape, and was one of the easiest projects I have completed in Inkscape.

The final image on the site is an auto resize of the 64px square export PNG from Inkscape. I was rather surprised to find that some browsers automatically apply anti aliasing to favicons, which in this case actually really helps.

Site Icon

I'm in the process of creating an icon for use as the favicon for the website. A favicon is the icon that is shown on the browser tab, useful for quickly finding a particular site in a long list of tabs.

The icon I currently have set is a placeholder while we decide on a final one.

Andy Larson

Andy agreed to join Callizera the same day I published the Site. Almost immediately he was adding content, including his about page, and now his new gallery page. If you have any time to look at the gallery he has added descriptions of the techniques and principles that make the images interesting.


As I have been working on this website I have been watching the stats a lot. Yesterday, our first day public, we reached 14 unique viewers and 104 page views. That was way more than I expected, especially as I hadn't added much content at the time.

A bigger surprise came tonight as I looked at the stats, we are at 43 unique viewers, and 180 page views. The way this stats platform works the unique count is new people only, none of the people that visited the site on previous days are counted.

Thanks to all of you for looking at the site, and a special thanks to those who have taken the time to give feedback!

Welcome to Callizera

This is a brand new website focused on artwork and design be it layout design, code design, or some other form of design. Over the next weeks there will probably be many changes and additions to the site.

If you have suggestions or feedback you can comment on this post, sorry I don't have email set up yet.