Just a few Updates

The first of the updates is that I was unable to finish the videos I was working on because of technical reasons. I may post them some time soon without the original soundtrack, but no promises there. 

Second, I will be working much more on my tutorials throughout the summer, hopefully having the next one done in the next week, with others throughout July. 

Third, I am launching a new blog on Monday called Tip of the Week, you can see in in the navigation now. I will be taking measures to make sure that this blog stays up to date, and if I can get other members of the site to contribute it may become bi-weekly. 

Fourth, I had teased my new GoPro camera this winter, and said that I would have content coming...      That is still the plan, and I am finally getting more outdoors time, so it may be soon, probably some time laps to start out.

A little teaser

I haven't been posting as much as I was hoping to, partly because of the difficulty of the posts that I have tackled, and partly because work and school have been using up most of my time.

Anyway I am hopefully nearing the end of the work I have to do on a couple of videos, though it could take me up to several weeks to finalize them. For now I will say that they have something to do with Blender (probably not what you think) and that the current hold up is writing my own music for them.


The website has been online since the end of July, so I thought it was time for a stats update. We are currently at almost 2000 page views and almost 500 unique visitors. This has been an amazing 3 months, and I have been encouraged by many of you. We have two more people joining the website in the near future, and a number of new posts on my blog are almost ready.

Thanks everybody!

Sonic's Gallery Update

I have almost finished converting my gallery, and have lined up a number of images to be added as I have time. The new blog format gives me a better chance to provide you, the viewer with information about the image. For photographs I have tried to include the entire set of settings used to take the photograph. As I begin to add computer based artwork I will include a list of software used and hopefully a few tips.